Online Ordering

The Right Online Ordering Solution for Your Organization

Unlock productivity for your team with a secure, customized ordering portal from LCP. From concept to coding, we have the expertise to develop your perfect solution for:

LCP web services team has built over 150 customized online ordering solutions. Request a demo to discover what is possible for your enterprise.  

24/7 Ordering in One Easy-to-Access Location

Your online storefront can hold all types of marketing assets and sales support materials, including:

Any number of users can be accommodated, and products can be added or removed at any time. Online catalog views can be customized by user categories. Credit card ordering is available, and help desk support is provided.

LCP can also provide single sign-on functionality and connect your ordering site with other technology solutions, such as your CRM.

The Right Solution for Now

Users love the freedom that self-serve ordering brings. They can sign onto your cloud-based site at any time, day or night. Thumbnails, descriptions, and keyword searchability make it easy to find items. Customizable templates let users change pictures, headlines, copy blocks, and contact information. In minutes, they can create and proof a customized printed piece, mailer, or a proposal.

There is no more waiting around for people to respond to requests, make changes to files, price out projects, or approve proofs. You can quickly check tasks off your to-do list, making it the right solution for work-anywhere teams who want to maximize efficiency.